ASOP Casting & Bracing Workshop
  Cities & Dates     
  Over 1350 students will attend ASOP
  Casting Workshops in 2019 
ASOP Instructed Workshop 
at Harvard University 
Regular Two Day Workshop Schedule
The two day regular Basic/Intermediate casting workshops start 8:00am Saturday and finish at 4:30pm.  Sunday starts at 8am and finish at 2:30pm unless otherwise indicated.  
All workshops will be held at the indicated
hotel on the individual workshop page.

Registration fees do not include your hotel room or lunch.  We do not take the usual 10 minute break per hour that other conferences do.
All students are asked to bring a box of gloves, a towel and a pair of patient scissors. 
We never know your glove size or allergies. Bring or wear shorts for lower extremity casting.  
Call 727-394-1700 or email with your questions.  Email is better, include your cell#

Private workshops are available at your facility.  Call 727-394-1700 for info.
Greenville, SC  November 2nd & 3rd  Piedmont Ortho Private Workshop
Gallup, NM November 2nd & 3rd Indian Healthcare Private Workshop
Middletown, CT November 10th to 13th Cast Room Consult

Mansfield, VT Dec 14th & 15th   Private Workshop
Midland, MI  Dec 14th & 15th,  Private Workshop
Eugene, OR Dec. 15th -18th, Cast Room Consult

January 2020

Atlanta, GA  February 29th-March 1st 
Future Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr) 2020 casting workshops
White Plaines
Las Vegas
San Antonio  
Boca Raton  April 4th & 5th
Phoenix April 4th & 5th
Have 6 attendees from your practice? Call us
and we will schedule a workshop in or near your city.