St. Petersburg, FL
   Orthopedic Fx Management & Surgery Workshop
   Friday & Saturday
   April 24th & 25th, 2020
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St. Petersburg Surgical Workshop


The price has been reduced to $425.00 to allow more AT's that have to pay for CE on their own to attend.
St. Petersburg, FL
ASOP Training Center
625  Sixth Avenue South, Suite 365
St. Petersburg, FL  33701

This 2 day workshop will start at 9:00am on Friday/Saturday .   AT will be instructed and have hands-on opportunity to practice operating room sterile techniques, suturing and applying a plate and screws across a fracture within an upper arm simulator.  Download the brochure below for full course curriculum and for registration.  Approved for CE for AT, RN, NP, LPN 14 Hours
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Sterility Aseptic Techniques -Scrub for Surgery

Students learn the rationale and procedures for scrubbing, gowning, and gloving for surgical team members preparing to participate in an invasive orthopedic procedure. Additionally, an in-depth focus on periopera-tive techniques which allows the student to gain knowledge on patient care before, during and after orthopedic surgical procedures (i.e., how to dress wounds, identify infectious processes, practice aseptic techniques and maintain a sterilized environment for the patient). Specifically, upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to: 

Discuss the principles of aseptic technique as applied to scrubbing, gowning, and gloving

Describe the surgical hand scrub/rub procedure

Describe the correct method for donning gowns and gloves

Describe the correct method for removing gowns and gloves

Identify the sterile areas of the gown

Surgical Suturing Techniques

During this course, participants will gain insight into the anatomy of the skin, principles of healing, and basic wound care. Instrument handling, basic biopsy and excision techniques, suturing methods, undermining, and the application of adhesives will be demonstrated and practiced.

Fracture Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF)Techniques

Participants gain hands-on experience in a simulated orthopedic surgical clinical course. Participants will learn to handle orthopedic surgical equipment and demonstrate select orthopedic surgical procedures.

 Reduction of fractures through manipulation and immobilization

Emergency fracture management

Closed fracture reduction using fiberglass cast materials

Long Bone ORIF Fracture Reduction

Open reduction and internal fixation of a linear long bone fracture

Removal plates and screws

Casting and Splinting Techniques

This session incorporates the latest techniques in orthopedic casting and splinting which includes an intensive hands-on experience that will involve both instruction and practical application. Specifically, the participant will: (1) identify and describe the essential equipment utilized in current orthopedic practice for fracture immobilization along with equipment safety concerns; (2) explain existing orthopedic anatomy and function related to common extremity musculoskeletal joint trauma; (3) identify and compare the difference in select casting and splinting materials appropriate for acute joint immobilization; (4) identify and explain cast and splint management and potential complications that may occur with fracture care; and (5) demonstrate the correct procedure/technique in the application and removal of select orthopedic fracture immobilization techniques, which includes: 

Upper Extremity Casting (Short Arm/Thumb Spica)

U/L Extremity Splinting (Volar/Dorsal Hand Splint, Ankle Stirrup Splint and Posterior Slab Splint

Florida Board of Nurses - Approved  for RNs, APRNs, and LPNs as this program is eligible for a maximum of 14 hours/CEUs.  
BOC Approved for AT- 14 hours   P120 Provider Number
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