ASOP Casting & Bracing Workshop
Lead instructor Charles Barocas with Dr. Augusto Sarmiento conducting  
research on immobilization comparisons of braces vs casts  




Basic Course Curriculum Covers Extremity Casting

The first day covers cast room tools, safety and patient protection procedures. Students learn different rolling techniques and the characteristics of fiberglass.  By the end of the first day students are rolling short arm, long arm & thumb spica casts with molding techniques.  Boxer Fracture Casting is demonstrated on Sunday.

Lower extremity casting begins on the second day.  Students practice short leg WB Cast techniques using a Flip Casting Stand and learn new molding techniques.  Short Leg non-weight bearing and non-weight bearing is also demonstrated and practiced.  Long leg thigh mold technique is demonstrated. Additional practice time is available on Sunday. 

Students are taught patient care techniques that will improve patient casting outcomes and result in a more efficient cast room with less patient return visits for cast problems. It is up to the individual practice to use this gained knowledge to provide a better patient experience.
ASOP Casting Workshops reserve the right to change the curriculum to meet the needs of our students without notice.

Advanced Workshops  - New one day courses. Next is Chicago, Frida November 16th & 17th.  
Local Advanced Workshops are open to casters who have 1+ years experience.   Hip Spica, Muenster and cast conversion to fracture orthosis are covered in this one day intensive workshop.    All students can take the Master Caster Exam Practical (open to ROT, OTC and OPE only) and complete the 100 question exam at home.      
All students receive online access to orthopedic study material that will help them pass the ROT and Master Caster exam and give them a better understanding of orthopedic conditions.